100 guitars from HEL: The Aftermath

Finally got to drop a few lines about my participation in 100 guitars from HEL event.

There was a massive audience of about (they say) 15,000 people. Not all of them managed to see the show because although being big, the Senate Square in Helsinki didn't fit everyone in.

For the 100 of us who came from different places in the world (from Japan to Argentina) to perform with Alexi Laiho and other Children of Bodom guys in front of this audience it was an unforgettable experience that continues to live on. We still keep in touch, making evil plans of making metal music together and generally having fun.

I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate, to play together with one of my favorite bands, and to meet the people I hope to keep friends with from now on.

See the video below for a taste of what it was:



Participating in #100GuitarsFromHEL


I was chosen to be one of the 100 guitars from HEL -- an unprecedented event that Helsinki Festival and Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom organize in Helsinki this August.

We'll be playing a song composed by Alexi Laiho specifically for the event. We're not talking about any particular cultural value of this song, of course, but as for having fun, I'm sure it's gonna top all metal events I've so far evidenced. I can only imagine what 100 metal guitarists from all over the world will do there, you probably want to hear it. :-D

If you by any chance end up in Helsinki on August 14, by all means come to the Senate Square. See you there!


Make a lot of pots


Make a lot of pots

Here's a story about pots:

A pottery teacher split her class into two halves.  

To the first half she said, "You will spend the semester studying pottery, planning, designing, and creating your perfect pot.  At the end of the semester, there will be a competition to see whose pot is the best".

To the other half she said, "You will spend your semester making lots of pots.  Your grade will be based on the number of completed pots you finish.  At the end of the semester, you'll also have the opportunity to enter your best pot into a competition."

The first half of the class threw themselves into their research, planning, and design.  Then they set about creating their one, perfect pot for the competition.

The second half of the class immediately grabbed fistfulls of clay and started churning out pots.  They made big ones, small ones, simple ones, and intricate ones.  Their muscles ached for weeks as they gained the strength needed to throw so many pots.

At the end of class, both halves were invited to enter their most perfect pot into the competition.  Once the votes were counted, all of the best pots came from the students that were tasked with quantity.  The practice they gained made them significantly better potters than the planners on a quest for a single, perfect pot.

So, I decided to make a lot of pots. In my case those are short songs, exercises, riffs thrown together, sound experiments, anything goes, really.

I'm constantly working on several pots at once, so you may expect to see this playlist grow over time. Hopefully, with traces of my progress in composing, arranging, playing, mixing, etc.